Edmonton & Area Move

The Community Equipment Program currently located in Sherwood Park has relocated to it’s new home in EDMONTON. As of September 7, we will be operating out of our new space with a new process in place.

The address is 7210 42 St NW, Edmonton, AB

Here is the new process:

  • Enter the on the North side of the parking lot
  • Enter cautiously into the parking lot heading South towards the Community Equipment Shed at the north end of the lot.
  • Safely back into the stall at the front of the shed where the garage door is.
  • Call the number on the sign and an ATCO representative will come to show you the equipment.
  • Exit the vehicle and prepare for loading.
  • ATCO Employees will not be able to load equipment into the organization’s vehicle. This is where two representatives from each organization are mandatory.
  • Load equipment into vehicle and tie down equipment with straps, etc.
  • Once equipment is secure, enter your vehicle and drive towards the exit on the north side of the lot. (the same as the entrance)
  • When dropping off equipment, please follow the same procedure.

The pickup and drop off times are as follows:

Pickups are in the afternoon between 1:00 – 3:00 pm.
Drop offs are in the morning between 9:00 – 11:00 pm.

*Our office is closed during the lunch hour.

The ATCO gates do close at 3:30, so please respect our employees time and come between the times stated above. Our employees will do their best to ensure the pickup and drop off process is done in a quick and safe manner.

Please keep in mind this is still an active ATCO location with moving vehicles.


Eligiblity Guidelines

While we respect the efforts of Alberta’s many not-for-profit organizations to build stronger communities, we are unable to support:

Read our new Terms and Conditions for additional information

Organizer understands that ATCO has established criteria to determine eligibility of community organizers to participate in the Program. Organizer represents, warrants, and covenants that: