General Information

Here you will find everything you need to know before you book your Community Event Equipment!


  • Check out our brand new Barbecue Operating and Cleaning video.
  • Each barbecue must be scraped, and wiped clean and dried before being returning to ATCO.

Pro tip: Line drip tray with aluminum foil for an easier cleanup.

Each canopy must be secured to the ground after being erected. If event is longer than one day, each canopy must be taken down and re-setup for the following day.  

  • Grass – every leg must be staked into the ground.  
  • Asphalt/Concrete – every leg must have at least one sandbag.  

It is recommended there be at least two people to set up canopies. 

Canopy top and canopy legs must be wiped clean and dry before being packed up into its bag.

NoteNo food is to be cooked directly under the canopies 

The user will be financially responsible for any damages incurred while the equipment is in the organizations care and will reimburse ATCO for all repair costs. Read our Terms and Conditions. 

Display and appearance

  • ATCO logos are not to be covered up
  • Equipment and accessories are not to be modified in any manner.

Fire Certifications  
All ATCO Canopies are flame resistant. View the Fire Regulations Code.  

Fuel Requirements for Barbecues
Each barbecue requires two propane tanks, one for each end. These are not provided by ATCO.

Pick up and Drop Off Times
Pick up and return of the equipment must occur on the date and during the time stated on the Booking Confirmation.  

Transportation of Equipment for Barbecues and Canopies

  • Bring safe, reliable transportation: a half-ton truck or equivalent.
  • Bring TWO strong people to load Equipment – ATCO will not be able to help load and unload the equipment.
  • Provide own straps, rope or equivalent to properly tie down equipment and ensure safe transportation.
  • The equipment must be brought back in the same or better condition than was lent out. 

  • As safety is our number one priority, we require that all individuals and groups picking up and dropping off equipment must wear the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) in order to safely handle equipment.

    Required PPE*

    • Hard hat
    • Safety glasses
    • Gloves
    • Closed toe shoes
    • Safety vest

    Failure to wear required PPE may result in equipment not being loaned.

    *PPE requirements vary per location. Speak to your local ATCO representative for clarification.

    Transportation of Soundstages

    ATCO staff will deliver the soundstage to and from events on a trailer unit, set up, dismantle and return the soundstage back to ATCO for storage and maintenance. The soundstage must have a clear path along a roadway for it to reach its site-specific destination. This unit cannot jump curbs or go over even slightly uneven ground. Please check the dimensions of the unit before booking. 


    Eligiblity Guidelines

    While we respect the efforts of Alberta’s many not-for-profit organizations to build stronger communities, we are unable to support:

    Read our new Terms and Conditions for additional information

    Organizer understands that ATCO has established criteria to determine eligibility of community organizers to participate in the Program. Organizer represents, warrants, and covenants that: