Frequently Asked Questions

What type of event equipment does ATCO provide?
Commercial BBQs, Pancake Griddles, Pop-Up Canopies and Soundstage Trailers.
View our equipment here.

Who is eligible to borrow the equipment?
Community groups, nonprofit and charitable organizations. View our eligibility guidelines. 
How much does it cost?
There is no cost! One of the ways we support the communities we serve is by offering a variety of special event equipment, free-of-charge, for community event organizers. All we ask in return is recognition for the equivalent value of renting it and/or transporting it to the event.

What is the recognition value of the equipment? 
Barbecues - $150
10x10 Canopies - $200
10x20 Canopies - $250
Open Air Soundstages - $1200
Covered Soundstages - $2000

How many pieces of equipment can an organization borrow?
There is no limit! However, there are many community and charitable organizations that use this program, so please be mindful and only request what you need.
How many days can an organization borrow the equipment for?
This can vary by event and equipment borrowed. Our general guidelines are as follows:

Barbecues and Canopies:

  • Weekday events - pick up day before, event day, drop off following day
  • Weekend events - pick up Friday afternoon, drop off Monday morning (or Tuesday of a long weekend).


  • ATCO will deliver the soundstage the day of your event and pickup the soundstage after your event has ended. 

*We will work with your organization to ensure enough time is allocated per booking for set up, cleaning, driving, etc.

Does every location have the same selection of equipment?
Equipment at each location varies. Check the location pages to see what each location has.
How much time in advance can I book the equipment?
Bookings will be accepted six months in advance of your event.
When is the latest I can book the equipment?
Bookings will be accepted up to two weeks before the event date. 
How do I book the equipment?
Simple, select the type of equipment you want and add to your cart!
What do I do if I need to change the quantity of my booking?
Email with your booking number or contact your local office. 

What do I do if I need to change the date of my booking? 
Email with your booking number. We cannot change the date of the booking on your behalf, you will be required to rebook, and we will cancel your original booking once the new booking is confirmed. 

How do I cancel the booking?
Email with your booking number. We will cancel your booking and send you a cancellation notice. 

Do you deliver the equipment?
Our ATCO team will deliver the soundstages to and from an event. The BBQs and Canopies are pick up and drop off only.
*This varies per location  
What type of vehicle do I need to pick up the equipment?
A half ton truck or similar is recommended for the BBQ and Canopies. Depending on the quantity borrowed, a larger truck/van may be ideal. 
My event is on a Saturday/Sunday, can I pick up the equipment then?
No, our ATCO offices are closed on Saturday and Sunday. Pick up's will occur on the Friday before the weekend. Drop off's are on the following Monday (or Tuesday following a long weekend). Because our ATCO staff will be delivering the soundstages, we will deliver on weekends. 
Where and when do we pick up and drop off equipment?
Once your request has been booked, you will receive a confirmation stating the date, time and location to pick up and drop off equipment.

What do I need to pick up the equipment?
Booking confirmation number, TWO people, and proper PPE as stated in the agreement.
Do I have to pick up the equipment, or can I send someone else, ie: a courier or a coworker?
If your representative has a copy of the booking with them, they are able to pick up the equipment on your behalf. *Couriers are not recommended.
What happens if I show up alone to pick up the equipment?
Although we believe our ATCO employees are superheroes, they are not responsible for loading the equipment into and out of your vehicle. We strongly recommend you bring two able bodied people who are capable of helping load the loaner equipment. ATCO employees do have the right to refuse the loan if terms are not met.
Do the BBQs come with propane?
Majority of the offices do not provide propane with the BBQs. Please contact your local ATCO office for more information.

Do the Canopies come with stakes or sandbags?
This varies per location. Please contact your local ATCO office for more information.

Is there a penalty if equipment is returned damaged?
Yes, as agreed upon in the Terms and Conditions, you or your organization will be charged for damages to the loaned equipment. Check out our Estimated Repair & Replacement Costs page for more information.

Is there a penalty if equipment is returned late?
There is no late fee, however another organization could be picking up that same day. Please be respectful of the pick up and drop off times.

Is there a penalty if equipment is not returned at all?
Yes, as agreed upon in the terms and conditions, you or your organization will be charged for the replacement value of the loaned equipment. Check out our Estimated Replacement Cost Page for more information. 

Our event is over - When will I be refunded for the stage booking? 
To book the stage, we require a credit card authorization - which means we authorize the card, but no funds are taken. 

The canopies or barbecues I borrowed are broken/dirty
If the equipment you borrowed is broken or unclean, notify us immediately. Take photos with the time stamp and send to 


Eligiblity Guidelines

While we respect the efforts of Alberta’s many not-for-profit organizations to build stronger communities, we are unable to support:

Read our new Terms and Conditions for additional information

Organizer understands that ATCO has established criteria to determine eligibility of community organizers to participate in the Program. Organizer represents, warrants, and covenants that: